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                                  MDM-Complect Presents New Mechanisms
                                  for Transformer Tables. Innovative Solution for
                                  Corner Cupboard from Vauth-Sagel. Toward
                                  XYLEXPO 2016! Press-tour to the Factory
                                  EGGER. Chair in the Style of BAUHAUS 8


                                  Interview of the Issue

                                  The Crisis Is Not a Reason for Stagnation! 12

                                  Actual Topic                                                                          118
                                  Furniture franchise: Materialization of Spirit 16

                                  The Russian Market

                                  Household Furniture Retail 24                      Fittings

                                  Regional Market                                    Topical insert

                                  The Furniture Industry of Siberia 28

                                  New in the market 35                               Design

                                  Production                                         Academy of Design
                                                                                     From Blacksmithing – to the Design 114

                              54  The Main Topic                                     The Legend of Design
                                  The Logistics on the Furniture Production.         Clint’s Danish Safari 118

                                  Part I 36                                          Point of View

                                  Technology                                         Plagiarism or Copy: Rules

                                  Passion About F… 42                                of Honest Citation 122

6                                 Equipment                                          Sales
                                  Meeting HOMAG & HOLZMA 50

                                  Furniture Maker Robots -                           Retail

                                  Fantasy or Trend? 54                               Client Forever, or Five Commandments of a

                                  Tools                                              Successful Business 126

                                  Details About the Application of Drills 60         Marketing

                                                                                     Customs Statistics as a Marketing

                                  Materials                                          Instrument 132


                                  From Rosette to Boiserie. Part II 66               Exhibitions

                              50  Facing Materials                                   Practical Work
                                  The Equipment of Any Edges 72                      Non-verbal Communication 138

                                                                        66 42
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